Monthly archive for April 2016


We would like to express our sincere gratitude at the way your team helped turn around our property from being in a state of disrepair six weeks ago to being let today.

We have been Landlords now for around 15 years and you have looked after our 3 properties at varying times. During some periods we have rented out the properties privately and this was mainly because we knew (or thought we knew) the tenant. Unfortunately and not for the first this time it bit us on the backside and this has now finally been a lesson learned.

Yourself and all of your team have always provided us with an extremely courteous and professional service. What has particularly pleased us is that there was no real obvious financial gain for your company in organising the upgrading and repair of this property. However your staff ensured everything was done in an extremely timely and prompt manner.

In my experience it takes a long time to build complete trust in any business relationship and in this past couple of months we have had some sort of interaction with every member of your team and this has highlighted to both of us how very much for granted we have taken the excellent service you have continually provided over the years.

This email is to thank you and your team for making our lives far easier over the past 10 years or so and we look forward having you look after our property for many years to come.


You guys ROCK! :)

I just wanted to send you all the biggest thanks for all the fantastic customer service you have provided over the years. My rented house was also my home for many years and you have helped make it a great place for other people to make their home.

Keep doing an amazing job and remember…you guys ROCK!