Monthly archive for February 2017

Selective Licencing Overview

Since the recent deadline to Peterborough City Council for Selective Licencing Applications, we have now seen the licensing conditions that the Council expects you to adhere to. This information will have been or will be issued to each Landlord, together with draft licences and subsequently with the actual licence.

We thought it would be helpful for us to summarise what we think the most important aspects, that to date, may not have been high on your priorities for the property.

However, we must stress that compliance with the terms in full remains the sole responsibility of the Licence Holder and not your Managing Agent. Read more

Increasing tenant demand will see rental rates increase faster than property prices over the next five years, underlining the need for more PRS investment.


  • UK property investors will see rental growth rise faster than real estate prices over the next five years
  • Average monthly rates will increase 25% by 2022, while average values will rise by less than 20% over the same period, highlighting the importance of buying in locations with strong yields
  • At a time when the government wants to revolutionise the private rented sector, its led to calls for a “turbo-boost” in investment and development in the build-to-rent market see more…

Be first to see new rental property.

Many agents advertising at are launching their new-to-market properties exclusively here first.* Find out how to be first to see these homes. see more…

Rightmove 2017 forecast: Rents to rise 4% outside London

All regions except London recorded a rise in asking rents in 2016, with prices up annually by 3.0%, just slightly lower than 2015’s rise of 3.7%.  Northern regions led the way as the year ended, with Yorkshire and the Humber up 4.5% and the North West up 4.4%, overtaking the East of England that had been the best performing region until Q4. In London, more available rental stock throughout the year led to a 4.4% annual drop in prices across the capital. In Inner London rents fell by 5.2% while there was a smaller drop of 2.5% in Outer London. see more…