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Maximising Your Rental Profits: Landlord Advice

Maximising Your Rental Profits: Landlord Advice

While the potential income for lettings is well documented, in a crowd of adverts on RightMove and Air BnB what does it take to maximise your rental profits?

We have put together some top tips to help you attract the right tenants to your property, to help you maximises your rental profits.

Choose the Right Location

Choose the right location for your rental property, to attract the right tenants. For example, if you are looking for students to rent your property make sure it is near a college or university. If you want to attract long term family tenants then ensure the property is near local schools, transport links and local amenities. Then shout about these things in the accommodation advert to show potential tenants just how great your property is.

Get Professional Photos

Tenants want to find a property that is well presented and in a great location. You can write about this in the property description, but it will come across much better in photos. The right photos of your property will engage the person looking for their next home. By using a professional photographer you can be assured that you’ll have the best lighting and angles for all the photos. Your property will look its best and you’ll be easily maximising your rental profits.

First Impressions Count

It’s important that you make the best possible first impression, in regards to you and your property. Your potential tenant will want to know they have a reliable landlord that they can trust if things go wrong. They will also want to view a home that is well looked after with small repairs completed. A dodgy front door lock or damaged paint work on the wall could be enough to make your potential tenant look elsewhere.

Highlight Amenities

Things like off road parking, a shed or a downstairs toilet could be exactly what your tenant is looking for. Make sure you really highlight these amenities when talking about your property. If you’re not sure what special features your property has then check out other properties and you’ll quickly see what you thought was ‘the norm’ is actually a big benefit for a tenant.

Use the Experts

We have listed all the things you can do as a ways of really maximising your rental profits. The reason we know these work is because we are lettings experts in Peterborough. We have been helping landlords maximise their rental profits for years. If you would like us to manage your property and do all of the above pointers for you just ask. We would be happy to take this extra work and stress away from you.

Find out what rent you can expect from your property by calling us for a free, no obligation property valuation now.

The Peterborough Property Market Reforms That Home Owners Are Begging For

The Peterborough Property Market Reforms That Home Owners Are Begging For

Tepilo have been analysing the property market reforms that homeowners are literally begging for, and the results were interesting. If you’re a homeowner we would love to know what you think. This research was UK wide and over 2,000 adults were spoken to.

However, we want to know, as Peterborough homeowners are these reforms something you would like to see in the Peterborough property market?

  • 55% of homeowners surveyed said that they would strongly agree with the introduction of new legislation that would stop gazumping from taking place. If you have not yet experienced gazumping, then this is the name for when a seller accepts a verbal offer from one buyer, but then accepts a higher offer from someone else.
  • 52% of homeowners feel that caps should be introduced to curb the number, value or location of properties purchased by people who are not residents in the UK.
  • 47% of homeowners that own more than one property are against a cap being introduced on the number of residential properties that one person can own. However, 41% of homeowners support this capping measure.
  • The top property market reform that homeowners with more than one house want to see is the scrapping of inheritance tax on all property assets. In fact 62% of homeowners with more than one property, that took part in this research, feel this way.
  • We were not surprised to see that a stamp duty overhaul came up. Whenever we speak to Peterborough homeowners about property market reforms this is something that comes up. 40% of homeowners want to see new incentives for stamp duty, such as a reduction of stamp duty or an increased scope on the Help to Buy schemes for first-time buyers and homeowners purchasing a new build home.
  • 44% homeowners felt that a financial incentive should be on offer for those buying properties that derelict, so they can be renovated and put back on the property market for sale.

So, what do you think? If you could choose one reform for the Peterborough property market, what would you choose?