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Three Things First Time Buyers in Peterborough Need To Do

Three Things First Time Buyers in Peterborough Need To Do

If you are considering purchasing your first home in Peterborough then this is a must-read blog post for you. We have put together three things that first time buyers in Peterborough need to do. These tips will help you get everything in order so you can get your hands on your dream first home.

Speak To a Mortgage Advisor

The first step on the property ladder isn’t about spending ages meeting estate agents about houses and trawling Rightmove. Instead the first thing you need to do is to speak to a mortgage adviser. They will help you understand the budget for your property. If you are purchasing a first home in Peterborough with your partner it is important you are both aware of your responsibilities. Your mortgage adviser can go through this with you. By speaking to a mortgage adviser you will know the sort of property you can afford and the ongoing costs you can expect to pay for your home and mortgage. Give us a call and we can recommend some trusted and reliable mortgage advisors in your area.

Speak to an Estate Agent

This is where we come in for your dream house hunting. Now you know how much you can afford we can help you choose your first home. We will talk to you about house prices and what you can expect for a house that price. We will talk about areas where you can more for your money as well as any upcoming developments or homes that are new to the market and may be of interest to you. We will take the time to understand what you want from your home, and what you can be flexible on, as well as what your new home MUST have. For example your home may need to be near transport links, have off road parking or a large garden for your dog.

Be Ready

As a first time buyer you will be a popular home buyer for those selling their homes in Peterborough. This is because it is likely you will come with no chain, which means the house buying and selling process can be quicker for all involved.  It is essential that your paper work is up to date. This means then when you find your perfect home and your offer is accepted, you are ready to move house. When you speak to your estate agent and mortgage adviser they will tell you all the paperwork you need to have ready and in order. The sooner this is prepared, the smoother the process will be to buy your first home.

If you are a first time buyer looking to take that first step on the property ladder, give us a call. We can recommend a mortgage adviser for you, and help you find your dream home too.

What To Ask When House Viewing in Peterborough?

What To Ask When House Viewing in Peterborough?

House viewing in Peterborough is a great fun. It gives you a chance to view different properties in your budget, from the inside, not just the outside. You can get a real for a property and decide if that house could become your home.

House viewing in Peterborough also gives you the opportunity to ask lots of questions. Below we have listed some of the questions what we recommend you should ask when viewing houses in Peterborough.

How Long Has This House Been On The Market?

By asking this question you can find out of the home has been on the market a while. If it has you can speak to the estate agent about why. There may have been a higher price on the house before, or a buyer fell through. In some cases you may be able to make a lower offer on the property if it has been on the market a while and the seller is keen to get it sold quickly.

How Long Have The Home Owners Lived There?

If the home owners have lived in the house for ten years or more then you know it is a nice area to live. However if they have only been there for a short while you may want to dig a little bit deeper and find out more. They could be moving closer to an ill family member, or it’s been a relationship breakup. However they could have terrible neighbours and be keen to move away from them.

Why Are They Selling Their Home?

Similarly to the last question, you want to find out if there are any problems with the home and that is why they are moving. In many cases the sellers will be upgrading or downgrading and that is why they want to move. If you find out they are staying in the same village or even street, then you know it’s a good area to live as they want to stay there!

Is There A Chain?

By understanding how long the chain is and some details about people in the chain, you can start to see how long it may take from offer to completion. If it’s a short chain with a first time buyer then the time from offer to completion could be extremely quick. By knowing the chain you could be getting into before putting in an offer, you’ll be able to better weight up your options.

These are just some of the questions you could ask when house viewing in Peterborough. However when you choose Letters Group as your estate agents you will be given as much information as need. Our estate agents work hard to keep our clients informed; every step of the way!