Did you know that women are three times as likely as men to pay the asking price of a property? How does this affect the way that you sell and present your home? Does your home appeal to the women that may in fact be the ones choosing the home, and offering the most to buy your home?

Research shows that only 5.5% of men will pay the full asking price of a home. Meanwhile 22% of men will offer less than 90% of the asking price of your home.

This same research shows us that 17% of women will offer the full asking price for a home. The research also shows that 90% of female house buyers will offer 10% of less below the asking price. This shows just how much more money you can get when selling your home to a woman, as opposed to a man.

So how you can you ensure that your home is appealing to female buyers?

Firstly, women are more sensitive to nasty smells than men are. This means that you need to make sure that you home looks and smells fresh and clean. Pop round with the polish and duster before your house viewing and you will make your property far more attractive to the female.

Ladies are also drawn to colour. Things like a large bouquet of flowers on the side board or a bowl of fresh and colourful fruit in the kitchen will be really attractive to a female buyer. Things like this will appeal to her feminine side and this small touch could get you the asking price you want.

Fresh linen in the bedroom, especially with the added fresh linen smell is a brilliant way to appeal to the female. Things like this won’t appeal to a man, but they are a nice added touch. A freshly made bed is much nicer than a screwed up duvet hastily laid across the bed.

You can appeal to a ladies luxurious side with thick fluffy towels in the bathroom and high quality luxury toiletries too. These sorts of things will appeal to both sexes as they can imagine living in your home, and enjoying these luxurious items.

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