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How To Stage Your Garden To Sell Your Home In Peterborough

How To Stage Your Garden To Sell Your Home In Peterborough

When looking to sell your home it is essential that you create the first impression. Potential home buyers will judge your home on the photos they see. If you have an unkept garden, then this could be enough to deter them from viewing your home. The same could be said for that important first viewing. If the garden is overgrown, you could miss out on selling your hone to the viewers.

People love their garden. They want the extra outdoor space to relax, entertain and potter. Further to the coronavirus lockdown, a good outdoor space is even more important for home buyers in Peterborough. They want to see an outdoor space they can admire and enjoy.

If you are looking to sell your home in Peterborough and you have a garden, make sure it is looking it’s best. This will help the potential buyers fall in love with your home and want to make an offer. A lovely garden that is well looked after could be just what is needed to seal the deal when it comes to them buying your home.

In this blog post we share some ideas to help you stage your garden to dell your home in Peterborough.

  • Make sure your lawn is freshly mowed. The smell of fresh grass is a really nice smell for lots of people. The freshly cut grass will also look greener and brighter to the eye too.
  • Check that your borders are tidy. Take the time to give them a quick weed and dead head any flowers too.
  • If you have a large enough garden to entertain friends, then grab some garden furniture. This enables the viewers to see how big your garden is. It also enables them to imagine entertaining friends in your garden.
  • Garden lighting is a huge bonus for many people looking to buy a new home. Not only does it create a welcoming and ambient feel to the garden, but it also offers an additional level of security and safety in the garden.
  • Grab the pressure washer and give your patio, decking and paving a quick clean. While you might not think it is dirty, a quick wash will have it sparkling like new in no time at all.
  • Just like you have decluttered the house, declutter the garden. If you have a stack of pots in the corner, some left over patio slabs or kids toys laying about, get rid or hide them away in the garage or the shed.

If you looking to sell your home in Peterborough and want a professional estate agent that will help you, call us now on 01733 567123. We have many years’ experience selling homes and helping people get the best price for their home.

How The Green Homes Grant Might Cut Landlords Costs

How The Green Homes Grant Might Cut Landlords Costs

The details of the governments new Green Home Grants have recently been announced. In this blog post we would like to share with you how the green home grant might cut landlords costs. We will also answer some questions we have already been asked by our landlords about how the green homes grant might cut costs for them and what they need to do.

What Is The Green Homes Grant?

The Green Homes Grant will be available from next month, September 2020. It is a £2 billion grant that allows homeowners and landlords to apply for vouchers. These vouchers can be up to the value of £5,000 (or £10,000 if it a low-income household). These vouchers can be used to pay towards energy saving home improvements. This includes things like loft and wall insulation or replacing single glazed windows with double glazed windows.

What Will It Cost Me?

The government scheme will only fund up to two thirds of the cost. As the landlord you will be expected to pay the remaining balance.

Can I Get The Voucher And Do The Improvements Myself?

In short, no! The vouchers can only be used to pay for accredited tradespersons. The tradesperson must be registered with TrustMark or already be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

What Kind Of Home Improvements Does The Grant Cover?

There are primary and secondary grants available. You will get a voucher to install at least one primary improvement. These primary improvements include solid and cavity wall insulation, under floor insulation and loft or roof insulation. Low carbon heating such as ait-source or ground-source heat pumps or solar thermal systems are also covered in the primary improvements grant.

Once you have been granted a measure from the primary improvements you can claim for a second grant that will cover secondary improvements. These secondary improvements cover replace of single glazing to double or triple glazing, upgrading doors to energy efficient doors, draught proofing or heating controls and insulation.

Why Is The Green Homes Grant Important To Landlords?

As a landlord it is required that your rented property has a minimum energy performance rating of ‘E’ or above. However, in the future this is likely to change. Some experts think minimum standards for rented properties in Peterborough could rise to a rating of D or even C. By using this government funding now, you can ensure your rented home in Peterborough is ready is changes do happen in the future.