Sales FAQs


Your first purchase?

We have plenty of helpful advice for first time buyers, so you’re very welcome to call in at any time to chat through the process.

How do I make an offer?

Please contact our office when you’ve found your ideal home. On your behalf, we’ll contact the owner, tell them your offer, and confirm it in writing. They may accept immediately, or take some time to think it over, especially if you offer less than the advertised price. This agreement is ‘subject to contract’. Neither you, nor the seller, are committed at this stage.

What is a chain?

Often, several property transactions depend on each other. Each ‘link’ of the chain is a house sale, which depends both upon the buyers receiving the money from selling their own homes, and on the sellers successfully buying the houses they intend to move into.

What is ‘exchange’?

It’s the point when the contract between you and the seller becomes binding. Once your solicitor has formally exchanged contracts, you’ll be unable to pull out from the transaction without paying a financial penalty.

What is ‘completion’?

The date agreed, when contracts are exchanged, that you become the legal owner, get your keys, and are responsible for the property. Most buyers move in on that date, but it’s your choice.


Ask if you’d like our help with this. We’ll recommend an independent mortgage broker who can offer advice on a finance product that’s most suitable for you. You’ll also have a clearer idea of affordability.


How long will it take to sell?

Many factors will influence this, so there’s no simple answer – from anyone. Our free home visit valuation service – with no obligation – backed by local knowledge and current market conditions will help us recommend a realistic selling price to attract interest.

How long will it take to start marketing?

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, we can offer it very quickly. We’ll visit to measure, note details and take all the right photos… so please be sure to clear any clutter!

What do I need to be able to market my property?

You’ll certainly need a Energy Performance Certificate before we start marketing. If one has been issued previously we can access that for you. Or, we can instruct an Energy Assessor on your behalf.

What happens once you’ve found a buyer?

When you’re both agreed on the sale price, we’ll request solicitors’ details from both parties, and notify all concerned in writing. The transaction process begins on your behalf, and we remain on hand to assist with any queries during this time.

How do I choose a solicitor?

We are in regular contact with many local solicitors, and have direct experience of their conveyancing work. If you’d like a suggestion, recommendation or shortlist, we’ll be happy to help you.

How long will my sale take to complete?

With many people involved, an expected schedule often changes. It can be delayed or even cancelled by unforeseen developments. To help you manage the process end-to-end, our job is to keep you informed, regularly updated – and where possible, free from any time-consuming detail.

How do I prepare for selling?

On our first home visit we may offer some simple ideas to consider before the round of viewings begins. Every home is quite rightly very personal to its owners. You’ll benefit when buyers can also see the potential it has to suit them too.

My property hasn’t sold yet – why?

Price may be the reason, often because buyers are not seeing value after weighing up the extra costs of any changes or repairs they’d make. Don’t be disheartened. We’ll suggest what could be tried to help the situation. The right, keen buyer will come along; it sometimes takes longer to find them.

Who will carry out the viewings?

Whatever you feel comfortable with: by yourself, with us present, or we’ll do it so you can go out. Something we can agree beforehand then arrange visits accordingly.

What happens if I decide not to sell?

We’re all human. A change of circumstances, or a change of heart may change your mind. Just let us know and we’ll withdraw your property from the market with no obligation.
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