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Why You Should Move To Peterborough

Why You Should Move To Peterborough

Here at Letters Group we are a Peterborough based estate agency. So, we are slightly biased about houses in Peterborough. However, Peterborough really is a great city and a brilliant place to buy a home. It’s a city that has won various accolades such as best place to raise a family and one of the most affordable commuter towns in the UK too.

But this is just the icing on the cake of why we think you should move to Peterborough. Please see some of our other favourite reasons as listed below.

Job Opportunities

Peterborough boasts six high performing business sectors. These include agri-tech, food and drink, advanced engineering and manufacturing, energy and environment, financial services along with digital and creative industries. Employment prospects in Peterborough are really strong, in a wide range of areas.

A New City

While Peterborough isn’t a new city (the cathedral has been there over 900 years for a start), it is a city that is being reborn. Peterborough is expected to be one of the fastest growing cities in England by 2025. Millions of pounds are being invested into revamping this growing city and there are lots of exciting leisure, retail and dining spaces being created too.

London Is On The Doorstep

Trains to London from Peterborough are very regular, but they are fast too. Journey times from Peterborough to London will be around 37 minutes when the rail improvements are completed. The average return ticket is just £45 – making Peterborough a well-placed city for people wanting that London pay packet without the huge living costs


Peterborough lays claim to being the first ‘Gigabit City in the UK. That’s 90km of pure fibre network that was installed through a £30million investment. This has meant that businesses and public services in Peterborough have some of the fastest internet in the world. Peterborough was also named one of the top ‘Smart Cities’ in the UK in 2017. This was due to the unique approach Peterborough takes in regard to reducing wastage and relying on raw materials.

So Much Culture

The first stop for many tourists to Peterborough is the Cathedral. It’s over 900 years old and has a dramatic Romanesque interior and original wood ceiling. There are only 4 of its kind across Europe. The museum in Peterborough is free to visit and houses over 200,000 national and international items. The healthy art scene in Peterborough keeps growing year on year too. Not forgetting all the incredible festivals including Peterborough Beer Festival, the Arts Festival, Comedy Week and more.

If you want to see what Peterborough has to offer; give our friendly estate agents a call. We can find some houses that suit your needs and budget. Let us show you around the amazing city that is Peterborough.

Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Home

Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Sell Your Home

The saying goes that home is where the heart is. But what if your heart doesn’t feel at home anymore? Then it’s likely you are ready to sell your home and find one where your heart really belongs. Not loving your home is a huge tell-tale sign that it’s time to sell your home in Peterborough. However, there are lots more tell-tale signs.

In this blog post we look at the most common tell-tale signs that you are ready to move home in Peterborough.

More Room Is Needed

As you grow, your family will often grow. You may have children that need bigger rooms or more space. Over the years you collect possessions too and need more space for these. Perhaps you are now working from home and need a home office or a hobby room that is a space only for you. If you feel that your home just isn’t big enough for you and your family, then this could be your tell-tale sign that it’s time to sell your home.

Less Room Is Needed

Once your children have fled the nest you may feel this is your time to do more with your life. Now could be the time to go to those exotic countries you have always wanted too. By moving to a smaller home in Peterborough you can use the extra money to follow your dreams. You can do all you wanted to do but couldn’t afford before. You may also feel that the home that was big enough for the whole family, is now too big for just you and your partner, so a smaller house may be the perfect home.


It’s a weird feeling to describe, but sometimes you just feel bored in your own, home. You may have redecorated the lounge, changed the bedroom curtains and renovated the bathroom, but you’re hit boredom now. Some people love that challenge of a home and making it perfect, but what happens when you hit perfection? That’s when it’s time to start looking for a new challenge and a new home.

Low Interest Rates

When the interest rates are low it can be the perfect time to sell your home in Peterborough. Chat to our mortgage advisor who can tell you how far your budget can stretch for a new home. A home that you could only dream of before, could now become reality with low interest rates.

Too Much Maintenance

If you feel in love with the character of an older home, you may now be falling out of love with your home. The constant need and cost of repairs and maintenance can quickly take their toll on your bank balance and mental health. If you’re at that stage when you fancy a new home with less need for maintenance, then why not sell your home and look for a newer home to buy in Peterborough?

Selling your home and buying a new home in Peterborough is like a fresh start. If you need help making your fresh start, call our team of estate agents now. We can offer you some expert advice to get the most from selling your home in Peterborough. We will also help you find your next dream home.