Letters Group – BLOG – Choosing The Right Colour For Your Front Door

Choosing a new front door can be exciting. However, it can be quite daunting too. There are so many different colours of front doors out there. Choosing the right one can be tricky – especially if you are looking to sell your home in Peterborough now or in the near future. You want a front door colour that your potential buyers will like, and that will work with your home, and the surroundings.

Before you even start looking at potential colours for your front door, you need to think about why the colour of your front door is so important. We list some of these reasons below for you:

It’s Your Welcome Home

While it may sound obvious, your front door is what you will see every time you come home. You want it to be something that welcomes you and something that you are proud of. Having a frontage of your home that you love and admire will influence your mood and overall wellbeing – no matter how bad your day may have been.

It’s A Visitors First Impression

We all know that first impressions matter, so this is another reason your front door matters. Whether it’s the parent of your child’s friend coming round for a playdate, the mother-in-law or your boss. These people will all be making first impressions of you and your home by looking at your front door. The front of your home will have a huge impact on what people think about your home and the impressions that they make of you too.

It’s Your Choice

Whether you are looking for your home to stand out or blend in, your chosen door colour can do that for you. This can be really important to some people living in estates where all the houses match each other. The front door can be the perfect way to stand out from your neighbours. It will show off your personality and style too. Meanwhile, other people will choose to blend in with their neighbours and the rest of the street.

It’ll Help Sell Your Home

As you will have seen in previous blog posts, we talk a lot about kerb appeal when it comes to selling homes in Peterborough. How your home looks from first impressions will excite or deter potential buyers from your home. While you might think that a front door can be changed easily, some home buyers will be put-off by the door and not be able to look past it. A clean and well-maintained front door can the perfect thing to help sell your home.

A new front door is the perfect way to refresh your home. Whether you choose to repaint your existing front door or purchase a new one – you will notice the different to your overall property immediately. Go for a walk around the local area for inspiration. See what doors your neighbours have and decide if this will work for your home.

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