has recently been completing research that looks at the prices of the properties sold across the UK. They have looked at these prices, compared with the street number of the home to find which house numbers are most popular. Is your house number valuable?

If you are Number One, you could have the most profitable home on your street. Of the 7,523 properties sold in the research that were Number One the average selling price was £279.950. This is almost £12,000 more than the UK average house price of £265,668.

Homes that are Number Two on a street are second place as the most valuable house number. They sold for an average of £272, 500. This is around £7,000 more than the average house price in the UK at this time.

It seems that only Numbers One and Two were able to reach more than the average house sale. In third place was house Number Four which sold for just below average at £265,000. Number Four was followed by Number Six in fourth place. Homes with the Number Six sold for an average of £262,500.

In fifth place it was house Number Three. Homes with the Number Three sold for around £260,000. This is £2,5000 less than homes of Number Six.

In sixth place is house Number Five with these homes selling for just below £260,000, not far behind their neighbours at house Number Three. In seventh place was house Number Eight. Homes with the Number Eight fetched around £258,400 on average.

House Number Ten was in ninth place fetching an average of £255,000. A particularly unexpected house number took tenth space on the list of valuable house numbers. House number 157 took tenth space. The average price fetched by house Number 157 was £255,000.

While this is some interesting research, it is still the traditionally important things that increase the value of the home. Things like the number of bedrooms, off road parking, quality of finishes in the home, bathrooms and location.

If you are selling your home in Peterborough at the moment you should feel very confident in today’s market. There are plenty of eager buyers out there. While things have slowed down slightly as stamp duty relief comes to an end – home buyers in Peterborough are dipping their toes back in the water.

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