The Daily Mail recently looked at the top 10 towns that offer the best value homes and commute for those travelling to and working in London. These top ten towns included Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, Benfleet in Essex and Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. The research by The Daily Mail included the average house price, travel time from home to London and the price of an annual season ticket to London.

The average house price ranged from £177,741 in Peterborough to £379.442 in Winchfield. Meanwhile commute times into London ranged from 32 minutes from Broxbourne to 63 minutes from Huntingdon. Finally the cost of an annual season ticket ranged from £2,736 in Broxbourne to £6,936 in Peterborough.

Putting these figures and results together, the report was able to create a top ten list of best value commuter to towns in London. We have listed this below for you;

10. Winchfield

Winchfield had an average house price of £379,432, the travel time into London is just over an hour at 61 minutes and an annual season train ticket will cost you £4,292.

9. Broxbourne

The average cost of a home in Broxbourne is £344,691 and the travel time to London is 32 minutes. An annual season train ticket from Broxbourne to London is £2,736.

8. Sandy

The average home in Sandy will cost around £285,709 and the commute to London will take 48 minutes. An annual train ticket for this commute will cost you £4,972.

7. Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has the average house price of £268,255. The commute into London will take 36 minutes and this commute will cost you £5,524 for an annual train ticket.

6. Peterborough

The average cost of a home in Peterborough is £177,741. It will take 53 minutes to commute into London from Peterborough. You can expect to pay £6,936 for your annual train ticket for this commute.

5. Grays

If you are looking to buy a home in Grays you can expect to pay £266,333. This will get you a commute time of 38 minutes and your annual season ticket will cost £2,516.

4. Wickford

You can expect to pay around £313,500 for the average home in Wickford. Your commute into London will take 39 minutes at a cost of £3,924 for an annual season ticket.

3. Benfleet

An average home in Benfleet costs £327,807 and the commute into London will take just under three quarters of an hour. You can expect to pay £3,612 for your annual season train ticket.

2. Huntingdon

The average house in Huntingdon costs £269,841. The commute from Huntingdon to London will take 63 minutes and the annual train ticket will cost £5,604.

1. Biggleswade

Biggleswade came in top as the best value commuter town into London. An average house will cost £300,903 in Biggleswade. This will get you a 44 minute commute at the cost of £4,792 for your annual season ticket.

While Peterborough only ranked 6th in the top 10 best value commuter towns you will see that Peterborough was named as the least expensive commuter town. While it is the furthest city out of London the journey time is still just 53 minutes. This journey time looks to be shortened in coming years as tracks and trains are improved.

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