The Sun newspaper recently reported that Peterborough is their chosen best place in the UK for young families to move to. They completed research on the prices of homes, birth rates and things to do. The results are in Peterborough was chosen as number one.

The report states that the main reason Which? consumer guide chose Peterborough as the best place in the UK for young families to move to was the combination of cheap homes and high birth rates. This means that it is the perfect city for those young families looking to get on the property ladder. There will also be other young families near them too, due to the high birth rates in this city.

The average property price at time of the Which? consumer guide report was £169,261. This number came in well below the national average price of a home, at time of the report, which was £219,000. The birth rate was also at 16.3% per 1,000 residents.

This high birth rate level means that Peterborough is likely to have more child care opportunities, nurseries and primary school places as well. Peterborough is also reported to have more resources for new parents and young families, such as support groups and similar organisations.

In second place for the best place in the UK for young families to move to was Leicester. Leicester had an average property price of £152,281 at time of the report. The birth rate at this time was 15% per 1,000 residents. In 3rd, 4th and 5th place for the best places in the UK for young families to move to were Middlesborough, Manchester and Gloucester, respectively.

In Wales the top place in the for young families to move to is Newport, while Midlothian and its cheaper homes and high birth rates came as the top place for young families to move to in Scotland.

The cost of a home in London is much more expensive. While places like Slough, Watford, Reading and Crawley all have relatively high birth rates; the house prices and cost of living make the areas tricky for young families to live in.

If you have a young family or are planning on having children why not look at moving to Peterborough. We have a selection of great family homes  across Peterborough and surrounding areas.

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