This is a question we are often asked as professional estate agents in Peterborough. However it is not quite as easy as taking your home off the market for 2 weeks and then putting it back as a new property weeks later.

Previously we could re-upload your home to RightMove and it would be classed as a new listing. However this changed at the end of 2016. You have to take your property off the market for 14 weeks and then relist it for RightMove to class it as a ‘newly listed’ property.

However there are things that we can do if your property is still on the market at Christmas, but there are also things that you need to consider.

There is a dip in views on RightMove over the Christmas period. This happens every year and as experienced estate agents in Peterborough, it is something that we are used to seeing. The views on RightMove will drop significantly on Christmas Day. Understandably people have other things to do on Christmas Day, than looking at homes. That said, RightMove still get around 500,000 views on Christmas Day.

On New Year’s Day this number is reported to triple the number of views. The reason for the boost in views is the whole ‘New Year, New Start’ thing. However it is often the time when the festivities have finished and you realise how small your home is with family, friends, loved ones, decorations and presents everywhere.

The views go up again to over 4 times the views from Christmas Day to the traditional first day back at work. After a long holiday off work, indulging in too much food or drink, the last thing you want to do when you are back in the office is get back to work! So instead employees are on RightMove checking out the homes for sale.

Things will slow down over the Christmas period. We won’t be calling you up on Christmas Day to tell you people are desperate to view and buy your home. However by having your home on the market over the Christmas period, you can make the most of those looking for new homes as the New Year bells chime!

RightMove research shows that Boxing Day is often the busiest day of the year for people browsing potential new homes. Will they be checking out your home on Boxing Day?

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