Letters - Should You Sell Your Home With More Than One Agent

When looking to sell your home it’s likely you want to get the best offer for your home and sell your home as quickly as possible. The process can be a very anxious time for sellers, and they just want it done and dusted. Is using more than one agent to sell your home the best option to sell your home quickly?

There are lots of advantages to only using one estate agent to sell your home. When you have one agent you know who is going to show your home. It’s easier to arrange viewings too as the estate agent knows your calendar and availability. There isn’t a group of estate agents trying to show your home at the same time.

When you have more than one agent trying to sell your home sometimes ‘poor quality viewings’ can take place. This is the way some unprofessional agents try and show they are better than another estate agent in Peterborough by booking more viewings. Here at Letters Group, we only book high-quality viewings from buyers that are interested in your property and can afford it.

It’s a lot easier to create a strong working relationship with one estate agent too. This means you can get the best price for your home and the best buyer purchasing your home. If you look after your estate agent, they will look after you. A good working relationship enables the estate agent to make recommendations to show your home in a better light.

You will often find it will cost you more money to work with more than one agent to sell your home in Peterborough. This is because many estate agencies will charge a higher rate of commission if they are in a multi-estate agency agreement. This means you will get less money from the sale of your house – which definitely isn’t ideal!

Instead of trying to find a selection of estate agents in Peterborough to sell your home, look for one good estate agent. Choose an agent that is experienced and knows the local area. An estate agent with a high street presence is a good idea too.

The final reason that you may choose just one agent instead of multiple estate agencies to sell your home is to avoid some very complicated multi-agency agreements. It’s much easier, simpler and more effective to sign up with just the one estate agent in Peterborough. If you’d like to find out why we could be the perfect estate agent or you, call our team now.

If you are considering selling or renting your property please do contact one of our experience property professionals on 01733 567123 or email us at home@letters.co.uk. We are a local independent Estate Agent who have been working within Peterborough and the surrounding villages for over 28 years giving us an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the property market. We work with a number of trusted supplies such as solicitors, mortgage brokers, building surveyors and tradesmen giving us the ability to offer our clients everything under one roof.

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