Making the decision to downsize your home is never an easy decision. However there are lots of opportunities for downsizing in Peterborough. Whether your children have flown the nest, you want a home that is easier to manage or you’re downsizing to have more available funds – we are sure you will find the right home in Peterborough to downsize too.

That said downsizing is still tricky. In this blog post we have put together some top tips to help you with the downsizing process.

It is only normal that we collect things over time. These could be things your children have made at school, your child’s first clothes, old phone’s in drawers (just in case) and the random wires that are kept in a box under the stairs because you never know when you might need them. Downsizing is a great time to go through these things and start clearing out. 

The wires have not been used for ages; it is unlikely you will need them, so throw them out. Donate old phones to local charity shops or sell them to a local shop who will sell them on for you (and you can make a few pounds in the process too). If you really want to keep the old baby clothes why not take cuttings and make them into a patchwork blanket? These boxes of ‘stuff’ will take up a lot more room in a smaller home!

Go through all your possessions. If you love it then keep it. If you are keeping it to make someone else happy then get rid. Things that make you feel sad, angry or lonely should not be in eye-sight within your home. By clearing these things out you will be a happier family in a happier home.

If there is furniture in your home that will not fit in your new home, then why not offer it to the person buying your home included in the purchase. Or you could sell it online and make some money to purchase brand new furniture for your new home, which fits perfectly.

Downsizing in Peterborough can be tricky. There is likely to be a tinge of regret as you have made happy memories in your home. Even if you are excited to be downsizing there can be those moments of worry. 

Stop yourself from feeling sad about downsizing by imagining your new lifestyle in your new home. Think about what the rooms will look like, clear, clan and spacious. Imagine friends and family popping in to see you, and admiring your new home. Then ask yourself if you really need all the objects that currently surround you, or if you could do without them!

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