Selling your home can be a long, stressful and often exhausting process. Knowing your market or working with experienced estate agents in Peterborough (like us), that know the market will help speed up the house sale. However, there are some other things you can do when selling your home in 2020.

We have put together some top tips below for you. Have a read and see what you think. If you’re feeling that your home is ready to sell, call our team. We can help sell your market for the best possible price, and even help you find your next home too.

  • Make sure your home is up for a reasonable price. You may think that your home is worth more money, but look at the prices that homes in your neighbourhood are up for. The property market is changing and this can mean that your home is worth more or less than you thought. By having your home up for a reasonable price you will be more likely to sell it.
  • Check out your curb appeal. How does the front of your home look to those people passing? How will the outside of your home look in photos on the internet or as potential house buyers in Peterborough pull up outside for their viewing? Your lawn should be freshly mowed and your driveway should be as neat as possible.
  • Remember what makes your home stand out and make sure this is clear when your home is advertised. Perhaps you are near to an outstanding primary school, near good train links, a good community, low crime rates or similar. Boost what is great about your home and the area you live in.
  • Home buyers in Peterborough want to imagine themselves living in your home. Try and depersonalise the home. Take down personal photos and declutter your home or personal belongings and things you have collected over the years. This will make the home seem larger, more spacious, cleaner and easier to imagine the potential buyer living in your home.
  • There will be smells that you are used to in your home and you might not even recognise them anymore. However, a new person visiting your home will notice these smells. Whether you have a dog or cat in the home, a delicious homemade curry the night before or damp towels hung up for example. Try and rid your home of these bad odours to ensure potential buyers noses are not turned off by your home.
  • Before putting your home on the market, make those small minor repairs. This could be a hole in the fence, a dodgy lock on the front door or chips in the paint in the hallway. Making these minor repairs can make a huge change to a person’s perception of your home.

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