Here at Letters Group we love housing good tenants, and our landlords love good tenants too.

If you are a good tenant this will result in a much happier, easier, stress-free life living in your rented accommodation. It also means that when you do leave that rented accommodation that you will have a good referral from your landlord. It means that when you need things fixed or problems arise, because you are a good tenant the landlord will be more willing to help you.

But how can you be a good tenant?

Complete Your Application Honestly

While you may have seen what you feel is your dream home, you need to complete your application honestly. If you have pets then you need to be honest and say you have pets. There is no point claiming you don’t have a pet, then having to hide all evidence of them when it comes to property checks or landlord visits. As with everything in life, honesty is always the best policy.

Check The Tenancy Agreement

While it may look like a few pages of boring notes, it is highly recommended you actually read your tenancy agreement. There may be something in the tenancy agreement that you wouldn’t have known such as no loud music after a certain time, or rules of getting your security deposit back at the end of tenancy. This is a legally binding agreement so make sure you read the document before you sign it to ensure you can meet the required terms.

Only Rent What You Can Afford

The golden rule for cost of housing is that it shouldn’t cost more than 30% of your expenses each month, which is around a 40th of your annual salary. However renting prices are rising so this is tricky for some renters. However, it is essential that you know how much you’ll be earning, you are aware of your monthly expenses and you know you can cover your rent.

Pay Your Rent

It may sound really obvious, but to be a good tenant you need to pay your rent and you need to pay it on time. Unless your lease indicates that there is some flexibility on when rent payment are due then make sure your payment is cleared on or before the due date. Paying your rent on time will go a long way towards maintaining a strong relationship with your landlord through your tenancy.

Ask the Question

If you want to paint the front door, lay a new carpet or install artificial grass into the back garden then ask first. If there is anything you are unsure of then make sure you ask the question first because failing to do so could result in a fine or eviction. Dependent on the request and your relationship with the landlord you may find they want to make payment towards the improvement as it will improve the property.

Be Clean And Tidy

Keep your home clean and tidy. While normal wear and tear is acceptable, you need to make sure that your rented home is clean and in good condition. You don’t need to deep clean your home once a week, but make sure your rented accommodation is as clean, neat and tidy as possible.

Report Issues Immediately

While you may think your landlord doesn’t want to be bothered by maintenance issues, you’ll find they will much rather know now, then when they are massive issues that will cost lots more money. It is easier and more cost effective for the landlord to fix a leak for example, than to replace a whole boiler, flooring and pipes as the small leak turned into something more serious. If something is broken, report it immediately.

Be Nice

As we all know, kindness goes a long way. A smile or a ‘hello’ when you see your landlord or neighbours is a small gesture but it can make a big difference in how you are viewed. Through being nice to neighbours, it means they can keep an eye on your home when you are out or away, and being nice to your landlord can result in you being treated a bit more generously if problems do arise.

Making an effort to be a good tenant will always ensure your tenancy runs smoother and will result is a good recommendation when the tenancy ends. As a general rule, treat your rented accommodation as you if it is your own and treat your landlord as you would like to be treated yourself.

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