Packing is often a lot easier than unpacking when it comes to moving home in Peterborough. When you’re packing you have things that can be thrown away. You also have a deadline. You know the date that the removals company are coming, or when everything needs to be packed by. This date can’t be extended, so you know you have a date when everything needs to be packed by.

However, when you have moved into your new home, the unpacking can be a slightly more lengthily process. You’ve finally moved in and you will be filled with jubilation, and exhaustion. Moving home can be stressful and time-consuming. When it’s finally done you feel full of relief and just want to stop for a bit. These is no deadline you need to unpack by, and this can mean that unpacking takes a lot longer than packing.

In this blog post we share some unpacking tips to help you get the job done. These tips will help stop the procrastination and speed up the dreaded unpacking process.

  • Kitchen First

The kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to unpack as there is plenty of storage and most things will have a home. By getting this room done you’ll feel a great sense of achievement and it will give you the motivation to get the rest of the rooms done.

  • Party Planning

While planning a party takes you away from unpacking, it gives you a deadline. Arrange a casual get-together at your home or invite friends’ round for a housewarming party. This will give you the deadline you need to get everything unpacked by, so you can show-off your fabulous new home.

  • Motivational Music

Just like people play music to run faster, you can play music to unpack faster too. The music will give you entertainment while you get on with the unpacking. Make sure you do not put the TV on though as this can be more of a distraction than motivation.

  • Little and Often

Don’t put undue pressure on yourself to get everything unpacked on the day you move in. Instead, get the major things unpacked within a few days of moving into your new home in Peterborough. Then set aside time each day after to do a little unpacking. This could be 30 minutes or an hour per day for example. 

  • No Choice

If you’re really not in the mood for unpacking but you know you need to get it done empty a box on the bed or a bag in the bathtub. This way you will have no choice but to pack your belongings away so you can have a wash or go to bed for example. 

  • Meal Planning

The last thing you want to do is spend time finding things to cook when you’re spending the day or evening unpacking. You also don’t want to fall into the trap of fast-food every night which can make you feel sluggish and unhealthy. Give yourself a guiltfree take out one night, like on moving day for example, or as a treat when the house is unpacked. Plan out meals for other days though.

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