There has been a real increase in the popularity of online services. People prefer to use Uber than book with real taxi companies and other would prefer to book accommodation through Air BnB instead of a real hotel. While this has a lot of positives, there are some services that just don‘t work as well online.

In this blog post we look at why a real estate agent in Peterborough is better than an internet only agent.

You’ll Lose Money with an ‘Internet Only’ Agent

Research completed by The Advisory, a company offering independent expert advice for house sellers found that a rightmove advert generated buyer will lose you 5% more than an estate agent database generated buyer. 

While 5% may not sound like a big deal, when it comes to selling a house, 5% is a big deal. In real numbers, 5% means you will lose £12,500 on a £250,000 home. This is a loss of £25,000 on a £500,000 home and £50,000 on a home worth £1,000,000. 

Suddenly 5% seems quite a large loss doesn’t it?

Real Estate Agents in Peterborough Get You The Best Buyers

The research from The Advisory goes on to confirm that you get the best buyers for your home when using a real estate agent in Peterborough, instead of an ‘internet only’ estate agent. 

The research shows that 73% of homes in the UK achieved a better result on the selling price, thanks to the involvement of a real high street estate agent. Only 27% of homes sold by ‘internet only’ estate agents were able to make the same claim.

High Street Agents Get You More Viewings

Even more research from The Advisory shows that by using a real estate agent that is proactively trying to sell your property will get your more viewings. The research shows that real estate agents can get you 48% more viewings for your home than an ‘internet only’ agent. 

The research then went on to show that real estate agents don’t only get you more viewing for your home; they get more offers for your home too. The research shows that homes for sale with real high street estate agents get 64% more offers than homes being promoted by ‘internet only’ agents.

While you may think you can save money by using an ‘internet only’ agent, it is extremely likely you will miss out in the long run. If you are looking for an estate agent in Peterborough that can get you the best price for your home, please contact us now.

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