Letters Group – BLOG – Why Sell Your Home In September

September is always an exciting time of the year. The media tell us that the long-awaited Indian summer will soon be upon us. Meanwhile, the children are back at school and the house is calm again. The countdown to Christmas soon begins and there is a real feeling of excitement in the air for things to come.

September is an exciting time in the world of house sales in Peterborough too. While spring is considered as the best time to sell your home, putting your home on the market in September has some great benefits too. Below we list just some of the reasons that you might want to sell your home in September.

  1. The ‘C’ word is coming

While it seems to early to be talking about Christmas now, it will soon be upon us and it does have a huge impact on house sales. People want to buy a house and be in by Christmas. This means house buyers are more focused when doing their house viewings. Decisions are made quickly and process speeds along too. Christmas is seen as a deadline and home buyers in Peterborough are keen to progress the sale as quickly as possible.

  1. Time Spent Indoors

While we spend the warmer summer months outside or on holiday, September marks the time that we spend more time in the house. Simple things such as a lack of natural light can make a home seem smaller. Regular sized rooms in the home start to seem smaller and people wonder what it would be like to have an open-living style to their home. They start looking around for homes in Peterborough that do offer what they are looking for.

  1. School Admissions

Many primary schools close their applications for school admissions in January. The right school for your child is hugely important and where you live in considered when applying for local schools. Catchment areas will limit the intake of students to a school, so you need to live in the right area to get into the school you want your children to be at. A good estate agent will ensure that the selling point of a fantastic school nearby is highlighted when selling your home.

  1. Less Competition

Lots of agents put strong emphasis on moving to a new house in the spring. This means that there are less people putting their homes up for sale in Peterborough during September. This is great for you as it means less competition for you as a seller. People are still looking to move home by Christmas, but there are less houses to choose from.

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